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250ml refillable cartridges for Canon IPF655

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Product Brand: Canon
Product Code: 298


By using these refillable cartridges with our bulk inks you can make huge savings on your ink costs. The cartridges come pre-chipped with a 130ml chip just fill them with ink and install. When this chip expires you have a choice of fitting a new chip which takes 30 seconds or disabling the chip detection on the printer. Disabling the chip detection is very easy and reversible and is explained in the disc based Canon user manual under `Ink Level Detection`. The ink level in the cartridge is easy to check as the cartridges are clear just refill them when needed. Once installed your ink costs can be as low as £22.00 per 130ml if using chips and just £10 per 130ml with the chip detection disabled. To install is very easy just remove the flip cover over the cartridge slot and fit the cartridge. The cartridge compartment cover then sits on top of the larger cartridges and we supply a clip to keep the cover microswitch tripped. If you would like more details on these or installation photos please email us.


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